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In this highly competitive business climate, manufacturers are seeking new methods to reduce the costs of generating sales. Specializing in the particular needs of industrial marketers, IMA identifies opportunities to improve the efficiency of your sales process by utilization of strategic marketing solutions. Our clients report reducing the costs of generating sales by: improving market penetration and the productive utilization of salespersons' time; increasing market share; reviving dormant accounts; and providing management with a method of measuring results.

Answering the following questions will help you to discover how strategic marketing initiatives will provide return on investment in the areas indicated above:

1. Are you expanding the number of product lines being offered?  
Yes   No
2. Is custom market research information of interest to you?  
Yes   No
3. Would you like to generate highly qualified leads from your niche market segments?  
Yes   No
4. Would you like more information regarding the twenty-two applications in your industry?  
Yes   No
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