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Seven Steps to Create a B-to-B Telephone Sales Lead Generation Program

With the increasing pressure to close sales in a timely manner, a well thought out telephone lead generation program is an essential component of a successful Sales Group. Customizing this program to the specific sales and marketing structure of your company becomes essential to maintain a robust pipeline flowing. The following disciplined process focuses upon the unique marketing system within your particular company, which is part of an overall Strategic Marketing Plan.

Step #1 Orientation
Review the marketing plan, sales process, and target markets. In this initial phase, discuss what are your overall objectives and the desired timing to achieve the objectives. Become intimately familiar with your sales process in this phase

Step#2 Observation
Observe the sales environment to look at the potential growth in new or mature market segments, with any recent successes or short-comings in your sales efforts.  The strength of the competition should also be evaluated in your niche market segments 

Step#3  Objectives
Review and seek consensus among your team with the identification of your lead generation opportunities or problems.  Translate these opportunities into objective terminology and rank your objectives in priority order, with a description of your ideal new customer

Step #4 Database
Early on in creating the Sales Lead Generation Program, review the available customer and prospect database silos in your company, available industry sources, and overlay data from social media.  Oftentimes there are many isolated data silos, and varieties of secondary research sources

Step #5  Target
Create a proactive approach strategy with selection of your targeted niche market, customized database with preliminary script guide, and selected method of documentation. CRM programs like, offer robust capabilities to document your activities, collaborate with your Sales and Marketing Teams, and achieve your objectives

Step #6  Strategy
This step includes identifying a method for evaluating performance, establishing an evaluation method to provide the basis for new observations, identifying the tasks necessary to implement the strategy and establishing the budget   

Step #7  Test Program
In addition to all the elements in the Strategy Step, planning and implementing your test program involves setting of your test program objectives, refining your script guide and method of documentation, follow-up, and communication of sales leads with your sales and marketing teams   

Ken Eisenberg has established a reputation for pioneering the concept and implementation of strategically integrating telemarketing, advertising, direct response mail, publicity, social media, and database marketing to realize the benefits of their combined synergism in your Strategic Marketing Plan. Applications have been implemented at various stages in developing sales leads and facilitating the sales process in selling a new account. These have included everything from primary market research to dormant account reactivation, inquiry qualification, quote follow-up, marginal account handling, field sales support, new product introduction, profiling, prospecting, database marketing, and Customer Relationship Marketing using Clients are both small firms, and large manufacturing, health-care and service companies, which produce a wide range of products and services.


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