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The What, Why, and How of Strategic Marketing

What is "Strategic Marketing"?

Why is gathering primary market research information a high priority?

How will you expand the number of product lines being offered?

Do you find that the buying influences and buying specifiers at your prospects, are changing too rapidly to keep track of who is who?

Would you like to generate highly qualified leads from your "niche" market segments to improve Productivity?

How dormant or marginal accounts can become prospects for other products?

Would you like more information regarding the twenty-two applications "strategic marketing" has in your industry?

Would you like to synergize your marketing and gain more control over your sales efforts?

What are the steps to develop a marketing database?

What are the steps to developing an on-site teleservices profit center?

What are the steps to developing an on-site teleservices profit center?

In addition to providing your firm with an outside teleservices marketing and sales support capability, consultation services are also offered. This may include developing a complete on-site center, or consulting on any of its components. The integral facets of an on-site program are: the development of program objectives and database; a test program with script development; staff training; and development of measurement criteria for the program results.


  • Review of existing marketing plan and development of teleservices strategy
  • Development of program objectives
  • Prioritize objectives
  • Outline strategy
  • Sales process audit and market identification
  • Test program with custom designed script guide
  • Integration and synergy of advertising and promotional media with teleservices plan
  • Database requirements
  • Activity analysis reports
  • Performance evaluation reports
  • Forms design/screen format
  • Call anatomy
  • Intra-company introduction and coordination of program
  • Compensation and motivation elements
  • Decision on benchmarks of success and when they will be evaluated


  • Task management system
  • Development of job descriptions
  • Development of communications methods and procedures between teleservices, sales personnel, and management
  • Coordination of the teleservices program with the salesforceto gain cooperation and generate feedback regarding account activity
  • Establishing account handling guidelines for inside and outside personnel
  • Staff Training(each teleservices representative requires training dependent upon his or her degree of proficiency)
  • Training the trainer
  • Continuing training to self-evaluate performance
  • Evaluation of communicators and the teleservices group


  • Development of program measurement criteria and monitoring/tracking of program results
  • Implementing teleservices strategies
  • Inter-department synergism
  • Use of existing data
  • Database management
  • Review of documentation procedures for communication with management personnel
  • Transition from manual to paperless operation
  • Screen formatting
  • Inquiry screening, tracking, and reporting
  • List maintenance and enhancement
  • Management reports


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