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The What, Why, and How of Strategic Marketing

What is "Strategic Marketing"?

Why is gathering primary market research information a high priority?

How will you expand the number of product lines being offered?

Do you find that the buying influences and buying specifiers at your prospects, are changing too rapidly to keep track of who is who?

Would you like to generate highly qualified leads from your "niche" market segments to improve Productivity?

How dormant or marginal accounts can become prospects for other products?

Would you like more information regarding the twenty-two applications "strategic marketing" has in your industry?

Would you like to synergize your marketing and gain more control over your sales efforts?

What are the steps to develop a marketing database?

What are the steps to developing an on-site teleservices profit center?

What are the steps to develop a marketing database?


I. Definition of Data

1. Customer
2. New Customer - Sampling
3. New Customer - Quotation
4. Competitive Account
5. Prospect
6. Suspect

II. Planning

1. Review of existing database usage
2. Review of current computer database formats
3. Sales process audit
4. Review of overall marketing plan

III. Building


Creating an active comprehensive universe from identification of product niche market segments and a central depository by funneling all forms of inquiries and prospects into the Marketing Department

a. web-based
b. advertising/direct mail/publicity inquiries
c. active sales contacts from field sales reports
d. telephone marketing leads
e. lists
f. customers
g. competitive accounts
h. trade shows
i. other
2. Entering selected prospect data into the computer, utilizing format of current databases
3. Create action plans to systematically analyze and use database
4. Create action plans to track results and evaluate ROI

IV. Current & future uses

1. Ongoing source of sales leads
2. Territory management tool
3. Develop marketing strategies based on current factual information

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