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The What, Why, and How of Strategic Marketing

What is "Strategic Marketing"?

Why is gathering primary market research information a high priority?

How will you expand the number of product lines being offered?

Do you find that the buying influences and buying specifiers at your prospects, are changing too rapidly to keep track of who is who?

Would you like to generate highly qualified leads from your "niche" market segments to improve Productivity?

How dormant or marginal accounts can become prospects for other products?

Would you like more information regarding the twenty-two applications "strategic marketing" has in your industry?

Would you like to synergize your marketing and gain more control over your sales efforts?

What are the steps to develop a marketing database?

What are the steps to developing an on-site teleservices profit center?

What is "Strategic Marketing"?

The concept of "Strategic Marketing" has evolved through 25 years of analyzing niche market segments for clients in manufacturing, distribution, information technology and health-care.

This is the integration of internet/database marketing, social media, targeted response direct mail, with the newest advances in information processing, tracking, and reporting, and telephone marketing skills, united together in a disciplined marketing system. The process focuses upon the unique marketing system within your particular company, by following our Structured Sales Methodology:

  • observe the sales environment
  • review the marketing plan, sales process, and markets
  • identify opportunities or problems
  • translate opportunities into objective terminology
  • rank objectives in priority order
  • set objectives in a test market period
  • choose the strategy
  • identify the tasks necessary to implement the strategy
  • identify the costs relating to these tasks
  • determine the budget requirement, objective and strategy
  • establish the budget
  • identify a method for evaluating performance
  • establish an evaluation method to provide the basis for new observations
  • implement a test program.


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